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Friday, April 26, 2013

Adding Parts to a Spec Sheet from a catalog in AutoCAD Plant 3D

You can add parts from a catalog to a newly created spec or an existing spec. For example, to add a pipe of size ranging from 3” to 10”, select the Pipe option from the Part category drop-down list of the Common Filters area in the Catalog Browser in AutoCAD Plant 3D, refer to the below figure.

Next, you need to set the size range of the pipe to be added by using the From and To drop-down lists of the Size range group that will be displayed on choosing the Pipe option from the Part category drop-down list; pipes under the specified range will be displayed in the table. Select the different pipe size from the table and enter the property values (Material, Material Code and Schedule) in the options available in the Property overrides area, refer to below figure. Next, select the Apply property overrides to parts added to spec check box and choose the Add to Spec button; the pipe group will be added to the spec sheet. Similarly, you can add fittings that you want to use when routing a pipe. Also, you can add multiple parts by loading multiple catalogs using the Catalog drop-down list.

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