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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Model Preparation using NX Nastran

Many time before analysis on a model, it is necessary to simplify that. After the simplification, the model become easy to meshing. For preparing model, we can use two type of process; geometry idealization and geometry abstraction.

The geometry idealization is the process to remove or suppress features from the model for proper defining a mesh. You can use the geometry idealization process to remove features such as bosses, fillet,  champhers, that are not significant in analysis.

The geometry abstraction operations can be perform on the geometry within the FEM environment. Using geometry abstraction operation you can remove small fillets as well as the small holes from the model.

Below the figure shows the master part with all its features and the next figure below it shows the prepared part for analysis after removing the small features that are not important for analysis.

Master Part in NX Nastran

The Idealized Part

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