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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Preparing model for Swept Meshing in NX Nastran

In Swept Meshing, the software create 2D (surface) element on one face of the model and then copy that mesh upto the target face. It then generates 3D (solid) elements connecting the two faces.

In case of complex and large model, it become difficult to create swept meshing. In NX Nastran you can use Split Body tool to split the model for preparing swept meshing. In splitting operation you divide the model using the geometry or planes.

For confirming the proper splitting, you can use Check for Sweepable Body check box of this dialog box, to verify whether the part is ready for swept meshing or not. If the model is in  Red color, that indicates you cannot currently generate a swept mesh on the part. For generating a swept mesh, you must split the part further. Yellow color indicates the ambiguity condition. It indicates, you may be able to generate a swept mesh on the part but that the software will show warning about mesh. However, you still need to divide the part further for successfully generate a swept mesh. While the Green color indicates that you are able to generate a swept mesh on the body without further splitting the body.

Below the figure shows the model before splitting and model after splitting operation.
The Model before Spliting                       The Model after Spliting

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