Friday, September 4, 2020

Five New Features Or Enhancements In Inventor 2021 That You Will Like

The latest release of Inventor, Inventor 2021, is packed with many new features or enhancements that would help users speed up their design workflows, reduce repetitive tasks, enhance productivity, and give them leverage of doing the work the way they want. Let’s learn them one by one.

  1. Inventor 2021 Comes with Improved Performance and Productivity

    Performance has always been important in complex designs. Inventor 2021, responds faster when selecting many components at the same time using windows selection or component filtering. The visibility status changes are faster using select or saved views. Inventor now performs faster and better when inserting sub-assemblies. You can now experience quicker visibility changes, when flipping the visibility of components directly or using saved views.

  2. Frame Generator Enhancements

    Courtesy: Autodesk

    In Inventor 2021, various enhancements were made to frame generator. Now there is improvement to the file naming dialog, enabling you more detailed control of your naming schemes for frame generator components. A new option lets you set the file name of the component to be the same as the display name in the browser. When you create frames, a new Category filter enables you to streamline your selection, and Presets help you save your most frequently used frame settings to use again later. Geometry can now be filtered from the property panel, and a new preview glyph helps you to orient your frame as you select skeleton geometry. New zoom tools help you adjust the view to perpendicular to the frame manipulator or to a close up isometric view of the frame manipulator. When you finish, you can zoom back to your initial view. You can also use the Trim/Extend command to terminate members on a curved face.

  3. Design Enhancements

    The Unwrap command in Inventor 2021 is further enhanced. Now you can choose  to align the results with the Model, or the XY, XZ, YZ planes. You can also select multiple planar holes to be Rigid.

  4. Command UI and Productivity Enhancements

    Property panels continue to expand to more areas of Inventor. You can now use the streamlined property panel workflow in Bend, Coil, Combine, Copy Object, Decal, Delete Face, Split, Thicken/Offset, and all frame generator commands.

  5. Interoperability with Revit

    Interoperability between Revit and Inventor has been improved by maintaining an associative link to inserted Revit data.. Now a Revit project can be accessed from a local file or coordinated via the cloud using the Autodesk BIM 360 common data environment. Changes during the design process are inevitable. So when the Revit model changes, the Inventor model should also get updated. Because the Revit model is referenced into your Inventor Assembly, without file Translation - any changes to the Revit project will also update inside the Inventor assembly.

    Courtesy: Autodesk



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