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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Editing the existing Parts or Components of Spec in AutoCAD Plant 3D

To edit existing parts of the spec in AutoCAD Plant 3D, select the the part to be edited from the spec sheet and choose the Edit Parts button; the Edit Parts dialog box will be displayed, as shown in below Figure.

The Edit Parts dialog box contains the Parts List tab and the Edit Properties tab. The options in these tabs are discussed next.  

Part List tab
This tab consists of a table which displays the properties of the parts. You can modify the display of part properties by using the options in the Display drop-down list. You can choose to display catalog properties, added properties, or all properties.

The Remove From Spec column in the table consists of check boxes which are used to remove the parts from the spec.

The Hide parts marked “Remove from Spec” check box is selected by default. When you clear this check box, the parts which are not included in the selected group will be displayed. The properties of these parts are read only. You can clear the check boxes to include them into the spec file.

Edit Properties tab
You can add properties to the selected part using the options in this tab. Figure shows the options in the Edit Properties tab. The Property definition area contains the options which are used to define a new property. The Add Property to drop-down list in this area is used to choose whether to add the property to the current part or to all parts.

The Added properties list box displays the newly added properties. The Add button below this list box is used to add the properties defined in the Property definition area. The Add button will be active only after filling all edit boxes in the Property definition area. Once all the properties of the part has been specified in their respective edit boxes, choose the OK button to accept the changes and then close the Edit Parts dialog box.

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